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Posting My Art


Zengems in Another One of My Art Journals

I’ve missed posting a ton of art over the last year. So much to make up for! I’ll make this my last post for today but I wanted to share something I am so very excited about! In all honesty the biggest obstacle over the last year was not having a laptop to post on my blog with and the WordPress app was a difficult to use and bothersome maneuvering once using it. After Ive finally made the decision to get a new laptop I downloaded the app and its amazingly easy to use now! Eeeeekkkk! So happy about this new discovery. I’ve missed blogging and posting my art on here most. This is the best ever!

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Ding Ding Ding

How many lies do you believe? Does the enemy tell you your too much of one thing or not enough of another? He lies! He came to steal kill and destroy! Remember you are everything and bought for a price and you have great power and authority in the One who made you! he loves you and you were made for greater things. You weren’t made to live a life of defeat or believing lies or being reminded of past errors. God forgave you and nothing you or else anyone thinks matters, only Him.

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Arting again


Hello! I haven’t posted on here in a while. We had a very busy year at our house last year with kids! We were doing Foster care and it takes a great deal of love and time. We are taking a break and I’m focusing more on my art and my husband is focusing on his career. I plan to do a lot more art and posting more art on here. I now have an art studio and have a new line of coloring pages available on Etsy. The Etsy account is journalingart! Check it out because theres some really great hand drawn art available for PDF download.

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