Monthly Archives: January 2018

Coloring with Prisma Colors


I enjoyed my day inside our local cozy coffee shop with a cup of coffee and my coloring page and prisma color colored pencils. They are my favorite pencils for blending colors. Prisma colors are also my first choice for art. This page is a pdf print from Its bitter cold here. I have been dreaming of warmer days and a tropical place.


Dream big Art Journaling


Dream big work with diligence and make dreams happen. A good life quote to meditate on for the next month. Add positive quotes and fun doodles with some collage art inside an art journal and have a photo memory book to look back on when you grow old. It will be fun one day to look through all my old art journals. What do you do with your old art journals?

New Year New Art


Let’s art. It’s my thing.

After much prayer and petition about my art to my best friend upstairs I’ve heart a silent answer in my heart, “This is your year.” Have you ever prayed and sat silently waiting for an answer and it doesn’t seem to come. I’ve done this many times and many times again waited for an answer which took forever. This particular time it came almost as soon as I asked the question. Let’s see what He does with my hand at art this year!

I will speak it and it will be.

“This is my year. My art will shine and be discovered by many. I will be lead to new ideas for art and marketing. This is my year.”

When it Snows


It’s a beautiful winter wonderland outside today. I saw a squirrel digging in our backyard before the rain turned to ice. I love to see the squirrels play in our back yard. We have a large yard and an old farmhouse built in the mid 1800s. Now the ground is covered in a few inches of fluffy snow. A white silhouette of tree branches are visible with grey skies. The snow has stopped and the temperatures have plummeted to single digits.

The aroma of homemade chili has filled the house today. Its been a nice day to sit in our home movie room with a book, create journaling pages and reflectthe things I’m most thankful for with a cup of tea. My husband watched movies as we sit together in the comfort of a cozy home. Our kitty found a cozy spot in my basket I like to use to hold my books.

What do you do on days you have to stay in? Are you thankful for those days? I think they are the perfect time to enjoy time together with family and relax with a book or create something in an art journal. It’s always a good time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives. So many reasons to be thankful. What are you thankful for? Is it family? Health? Pets? Comfort? Security? Or peace in your heart? Love in your life? Take time to reflect the blessings in your life and be thankful.

Coloring with new prisma colors


Thanks to my wonderful husband for the new prisma color colored pencils. I’ve been making coloring pages for my etsy shop (JournalingArt).

Today I enjoyed coloring this faith coloring page. Drawing these pages is my favorite part but coloring them is something I like to make time for too. It’s great therapy.

If you’ve only used regular colored pencils blending with prisma color colored pencils will be very exciting for you. I will never forget the first time i used prisma color pencils and the feel of the soft core and how well they blended. My first set was a set of twelve and in high school. And they are still as amazing as I remember the first time I used them. I highly recommend them for coloring pages or any art. They are worth the price and if you watch you can find them on sale on amazon or Dick Blick for a very reasonable price. I found mine for more than half price.

Happiness is being with you.


When you have your soul mate you don’t need anything else.

Dream more often than you sleep.


She dreams more often than she sleeps. Jonny Ox

Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein

Bright colors, doodling, and inspiring quotes fill my last pages of my journal for 2017.