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Coloring pages


Hand drawn coloring pages. I’m pretty excited to share these new pages in my store, JournalingArt on Etsy. Which of these are your favorite. What should I start as my next project? Any suggestions? What’s your favorite coloring pages?


Bible Journaling printable Templates


From my bible, I’ve hand drawn bible journaling templates available as a printable set with a coloring page. This is my first bible study to share like this. Its perfect for the group of women who gather for a bible study or meet to color together.

This is my personal journaling bible with the galaxy bible printables I’ve recreated. Pictured is the coloring printable included with the Bible margin template.

This is the identical to the hand drawn coloring page I’ve colored in the picture above. The template is below.

This makes bible journaling simple for those who have a hard time drawing or coming up with journaling ideas for their margins. To use this template you simply print the printable from my Etsy store JournalingArt (included is the hand drawn galaxy coloring page) cut out your template and insert it into your journaling bible and trace it onto your page. You can then add color to your page. Example below: notice the printed template inserted under my finished bible margin.

For more printable coloring pages and bible art see my Online store JournalingArt

To follow my art see Jbecreate on instagram.

Coloring with Prisma Colors


I enjoyed my day inside our local cozy coffee shop with a cup of coffee and my coloring page and prisma color colored pencils. They are my favorite pencils for blending colors. Prisma colors are also my first choice for art. This page is a pdf print from Its bitter cold here. I have been dreaming of warmer days and a tropical place.