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She never looked nice. She looked like art and art wasn’t supposed to look nice it was supposed to make you feel something. (Unknown)


One Shipwreck Away From a Disaster


One Shipwreck Away From a Disaster

Why do you care so much?

Why do some people make such a big deal out of something so small? Or cause drama when there was nothing in the first place? Answer, we live in a world with a lot of hurting people, a lot of insecure people, and a lot of unloved people. And, hurting people hurt people.

Our love and trust formed early in childhood by our parents. We learn to love from our parents example of love. If our parents have learned an unhealthy example of love by not bonding with a parent in their childhood or possibly a mental health disorder we have higher odds of that same cycle being passed down to us. Fortunately, we have the ability to become our own individual selves aside from our childhood examples or traumas. Knowledge is everything.

Books help us identify our ability to become all we can be and to become more. You can elude drama by loving yourself enough to walk away. Be strong and understand you don’t have to allow another person to hurt you because they have been hurt. Most times, sadly, the ones who hurt us the most are those were related to because we are closest to them.

I won’t go into detail about my diagnosis but I will say I’ve been through trauma and a near death experience with cancer. I live with chronic pain from the cancer and surgeries to remove the cancer. I’ve found journaling to be therapeutic. On days I feel the worst it helps just to write it out. Sometimes it’s uplifting to add bright colors. I’ve also found talking with a therapist I trust to be beneficial and reading to help also.

A couple of books my therapist suggested that I’ve found helpful are;

Children of the Self Absorbed by NinaW. Brown

Will I Ever be Good Enough by Karyl McBride

And a couple of books I’ve found are;

Stop Walking on Eggshells by Paul T. Mason

Conflict Free Living by Joyce Meyer

And of course my favorite, the Bible, which has every kind of genre ever written.

Have you found useful tools helping you cope with cptsd, trauma, or other issues in your life? If you have, please share in the comments. You can help someone today.

Daughter of a King


Ladies, we were made for so much more. We were born into royalty. Our father is a king. By birthright you have infinite power and wisdom beyond comprehension. Remember this always and lean on his understanding and not your own.

Gooey butter cake


Our travels over the last week we’re to St. Louis. Our daughter visited and during her visit we made St. Louis gooey butter cake.

The recipe in my journal spread was the one I used with a small modification. When I took it out of the oven I drizzled Carmel topping over the cake and let it cool. The first time I had oooey gooey butter cake was a date night with my husband at the Hilton hotel in St. Louis. It was perfect. (The cake and the date.) So I came home and tried to make it myself. I tried three different recipes before I found the one I liked most. It was never quite as good as the first time I had it since the chef said it was his grandmas recipe, it was a secret, and he wasn’t going to share. Tbh, I wouldn’t either! It was amazing. I finally found one I liked and it was close enough for me to enjoy my own St. Louis ooey gooey butter cake. I’ll share mine with you. I hope it’s perfect!

Control Issues


When I stopped letting you control me you tried desperately to change the way everyone else saw me.

Be thankful for freedom and the freedom to choose who we allow in our days. Choose your friends wisely and make sure they are worthy of your time. Time is valuable. I’d rather have a dollar than ten dimes.

Art journals


Writing your feelings out helps and can be the best type of therapeutic release. For any of you who go through any kind of physical or mental pain I highly recommend art as therapy. My art journals are my go to for the days when pain is too much or when people are being people Sometimes it’s fun to doodle or add old magazines or stamps. All are perfect examples of using art as therapy.

You may be given a cactus but you don’t have to sit on it.


A comment from Joyce Meyer ministries made my whole day. (JournalingArt on Instagram)

Vintage collage art and writing


Write it out. It helps clear my head to write things down. These spreads are my favorite journal spreads, filled with antique details. Some of my favorite spreads are made from old magazines and post cards. What’s your favorite things to add to your art journals?

If our eyes saw souls.


If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of humanity would be.

If Frida had Facebook


Facebook addict.



We can’t fully devote our hearts to God and keep our mind and body for our own purposes and desires. Sometimes I enjoy using my art journal as a journal to document my faith and stages or seasons in my walk.

Spirit of Love


Walk by the Spirit of Love

Walk by the spirit of love. Be kind and love one another. Forgive and do kind things. These will be measured back to you. Who is the Spirit of Love? Or what? If you don’t know it’s The Father, God, The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Walk in love and have peace in your heart and soul.

Love is an action.


Love is an action, not just a feeling. Sometimes to love others it requires more than simply a feeling in your heart. Sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone and be more like Christ and less of ourselves. Love becomes an action when you do something for another person or forgive when the other person doesn’t deserve it.

It doesn’t matter if others are nice or not. We should extend ourselves to love even when others aren’t capable or willing. It spreads love when we love and it will come back to you. What you give others is measured back ten fold.



I was looking forward to spring. It’s been a long and cold winter. Toward the end of winter it’s been a roller coaster of weather changes. Days have ranged from warmer weather near 50/60 degrees and radically changed the next day with a sharp drop to a winter weather storm. I made this spread on one of the warmer days when I was so excited for the warmer temperatures. Poppies and all things bright and sunny. This spread was made after waking to an owl outside my window singing its beautiful song. It sang me to sleep the night before. I was excited to hear this beautiful bird singing knowing soon we’d be having warmer days. All the beautiful plants and flowers come to life.

If you’ve ever lived in the south and moved to the cold northern temperatures you too understand the excitement for the spring and all the beautiful colors added to the earth when spring arrives. I’m excited to go foraging for wild asparagus and morels. But most of all, I can’t wait to go out for a walk, a quick jog, or kayaking. What’s your favorite part of spring?

Fathers be careful how you treat your daughters.


Choose your words and actions carefully, fathers, for those words and actions will influence who your daughter chooses to marry. If you don’t want her to be unhappy for the rest of her life show her how to love and don’t put those she loves down. Even if that at one point in your life, that which was exactly as you wanted, has changed and is no longer what you want, it’s still part of who she is and hurts deeply when you put the ones she loves down. This will be the greatest thing you can provide for your daughters, fathers. Be careful for your words can cut deeply and leave scars long after your done. She will look for the same dysfunctional type of love because it’s all she’s known and it’s what she’s familiar with. Her future spouse will put her down and treat her this way because it’s what she thinks is acceptable in her life. Most aren’t aware of what they’ve done or unwilling to accept they have played a part in this legacy. Don’t hurt her. Allow her to love. A child can never be loved by too many people or too much. Don’t allow your feelings to ruin her life because you hold hurt in your heart.

My Biggest Support


This one right here is by far my biggest supporter of all things including my art, my health, and everything I do. He’s my soul mate and my best friend. I love to write and create spreads in my art journals about my husband. Hes the one I will grow old with. I love the way he loves me. I love that he makes me laugh. He spends time noticing the things that make me me and he makes me feel special. Every woman should be her husbands princess and he should be her superhero. He definitely is my superhero. Before we got together I wondered if people made love sound like it was more than it was. I wondered if having a soul mate was a real thing or if I could love or be loved.Yes, having a soul mate is a real thing and actually loving and being loved by your spouse does exist. For those who are single I t’s worth the wait. Wait on god and don’t rush getting into a relationship you may regret. Love isn’t always perfect but if you learn to love as an action, not just a feeling, putting Christ and your spouse before your own feelings (and this goes both ways) true love does exist.

If they’re going to talk…


“If there going to talk give them something to talk about.”

I personally don’t understand how people have the time or energy to care enough to gossip and lie about other people. Id rather spend the time I have on this planet laughing with people I love than to waste my time or energy thinking about someone I don’t want to waste my time thinking about. I do understand one thing and that is that those people are extremely insecure and quite possibly feel extremely bad for something they’ve done or who they are inside. These people somehow rationalize making these poor decisions and compromise their own integrity. If you take anything in this post personal this might be about you. If you don’t like what your reading stop reading it. “Keep your eyes on your own bobber.”

Be Grateful for Everything, Especially the Small Things.


Because I know you wake up and pick up your phone first thing to see beautiful things 💕, so here is a sweet story. I drew this when my daughter was still little and it was so hard to let her go. She was about to return to her dads house and my heart broke as I let her go. I realized how very little control we have over our lives. I’ve grown so much in these times. I cherish each moment with her more knowing our time is short. For this I have found gratitude. While others take for granted moments of joy in their lives I am thankful for even the smallest things in my life.

History and Science


I love history and science. I included some of my notes and doodles in this art spread. Did you know alpacas hummm when they are nervous happy or have any feeling. Did you know the krubi plant has a flower that blooms over six feet tall? I love interesting and unusual facts about science and history.

Art journal spreads for Writers Artist Block

Art journal spreads for Writers Artist Block


Some of these spreads are from my first art journal several years ago and a few are from my most recent journal. I wanted to create a post to inspire some of you looking to create something in your art journals when you have lost all sense of creativity, called an art block. If your an artist or a writer you understand this. I recently had one that lasted a couple weeks. It was very stressful. I had to take a break from my journals because I couldn’t move forward. please let me know if you have found inspiration in my post. If you’ve recently had artist or writers block how did you overcome or find inspiration?

Therapy in Art


Journaling and doodling coloring pages is my therapy. I started doodling to find relief from chronic pain after cancer treatments. I found great relief. It took my focus off the pain and on something more positive. I started turning my art into coloring pages for others who need therapy.

I always loved writing in journals. I kept a journal of documented miracles and revelations from my bible studies. The real fun was found when I bought my first moleskine. I fell in love with the quality of the journal and thickness of the pages. I love books. I love to flip through a book and the smell of the pages. A bookstore is absolutely one of my favorite places to be for that reason and especially one with a coffee shop and the aromas of coffee brewing. Beginning an art journal soon became my new addiction. I fell in love with keeping a journal and documenting memories. I started going to therapy this year to help cope with the anxiety and depression that come with chronic pain after cancer treatments. Yes I said it, and I’m not ashamed either. A lot of people have anxiety and or depression and denying it makes it worse. My therapist encourages my art therapy through positive journaling. Ive started keeping positive quotes and uplifting stories in my art journals. I’ve found this to be most therapeutic and hope to bless and inspire others with my journals. I’ve saved each one full of my art, special memories with my daughter and other children when they visited and trips and dates with my husband. One day long after I’m gone these will become my daughters treasures. An art journal is something I would love to inherit from my mom. My daughter and I share a love for art and have a special bond. I know one day she will be so happy to inherit these journals and flip through the pages and see the detailed art and memories. If you create in a journal, what do you do with it when your done? Do you have plans for your journals? Do you keep detailed personal memories?

Art Journal Flip-through


These are some of my newly finished art journal spreads. It’s my first time using an app to make a flip through of my art journal. I’m sure there are easier ways and if you know of them, please share!

I always love watching other artists flip through their art journals. This isn’t my whole journal but almost half. I’ll share the pages individually in time too. There’s too many to share in the same day, which makes a video perfect!

Art Journal Inspiration


I found some older art journaling photos and wanted to share some of the pictures from my old moleskine. This was by far my favorite moleskine. It has the most colorful pictures of all my art journals. Do you ever go through different phases and look back through your journaling and remember what you were doing when you were making that journal? I had increased pain but I loved doodling and filling the pages with words and stories.

My favorite story I love sharing is my love story. My husband and I have been married six years this year but we’ve known each other since we were in kindergarten. He’s my superhero and my heart. “I want to get lost in this place” was making reference to my art journal. I was so in love with doodling on the nice thick moleskine pages. It brought me comfort during days when chronic pain was more than others. With increased pain I found comfort in this journal. Do you have a favorite journal or favorite spread? Can you remember what made it special? Please share.

Coffee Shop Creativity


This is one of my recent journal spreads with some notes from my kids and a picture of my son when he was young. He’s grown with his own family now. It’s fun to have these reflections in my art journals. One day they will be passed down to my kids.

Yesterday I spent time in my favorite place journaling (a coffee shop) and stopped at Best Buy to pick up a Intsax SP-2 Printer. This year holds many travel plans for my husband and I. I wanted to document each memory in travel journals. I think the mini instax snapshots are beautiful in journals and can’t wait to make my first art journal entry using my new toy.

Above are a couple of test photos my husband printed when helping me set up the printer. The quality wasn’t too bad for mini pictures.

For fun, here are a few old Instant pictures from my childhood. Anyone else ride the chair train when their parents cleaned the house? Though, come cracking has occurred these old photos have held up through time. As you can see the new photos have better detail and quality, even for mini photos.

I’ll blog more about my journey with my new printer and share pics of completed journal spreads including the new mini instax photos. I’ll share some of my art journal ideas and hope to inspire some of you to create something in your art journals.

I loved the idea of the old style photo. I mean sure I could have used a phot filter app and sent my pictures to be printed at a local store. I wanted the whole experience of the instant print instax mini photos. When I was a child Polaroid photos were kind of a big deal. I remember waving the photo back and forth for quicker exposure. The anticipation and excitement of seeing the new image come to life was the best part. Polaroid photos were a new and exciting thing before images were available like today’s technology on smartphones, and digital cameras.

Do you enjoy old photos? Do you add pictures to your art journals or art diaries? I’ve added a few of my old photos of my children when they were young. It’s nice to have them added in my art journal. One day the kids will have these journals to return to read fun stories and memories of their childhood as I document some of the fun memories I had with them growing up. Comment below with ideas and suggestions from your art journals.

Baby Groot


I Am Groot

If you love Groot and watched the movie you too fell in love with baby Groot. Maybe even asked if you could have your own pet baby Groot. This movie is hilarious and Groot totally made the movie! I highly recommend watching if you haven’t already.

No Mistakes in Art


Have you ever made something you thought was just right and then did something and thought, “Well that just happened!” I did that when I made the cutest vintage Mickey Mouse that looked so much like the real Mickey and then a couple drops of water dropped on him. As I instinctively quickly wiped the water off it smudged the colors across the page. I think I even said it out loud “Well that just happened.” However, after showing it to my very encouraging husband he said, “Well I think it’s kind of cool like you meant to do it.” But seriously, art isn’t perfect. Even mistakes turn out to be masterpieces. How many times have you finished something and found you misspelled a word because you were so focused on the art of lettering or smudged your art or maybe your pet walked across your drying painting?

Some vintage memories.


Anyone else remember Swans ice cream, push pops, or this silly little type writer. It’s the simple things that bring back some of the greatest memories. Anyone have pictures or childhood memories with orange push pop ice cream dripping down your face? I don’t even know why but this silly typewriter was something I loved even before i went to kindergarten. The clipping of the old ford is from a 1960s boys life magazine. How fun is that! I love a super great vintage find to add to my art journals. Sorry collectors 😬. I can’t help myself! I love collage art and the older the magazines the better!