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How to be beautiful


How to be beautiful

  • Love deeply
  • Smile often
  • Forgive
  • Let go

Love yourself Are you capable of love? To have a beautiful heart you must love yourself first. Not in a selfish way but a secure self-love. One must have a beautiful heart capable of loving and forgiving others in order to be truly beautiful.

How does your heart look on the inside? Are you capable of loving another more than yourself? In order to do so you must love yourself first.




Writing about personal things. Funny story. We have a cat named Cheeto and he tries to hide in tissue boxes and gets his head stuck. He moves really slow like a sloth and when we hold him he’s really stiff like a board. The best story however, is the story about my superhero. I dream about him most night. I have nightmares a lot because of trauma and ptsd from cancer and childhood traumas. He rescues me in these nightmares. The best part is the way he loves me in real life. He’s my best friend and I’m so thankful for him.

Don’t judge


Don’t judge. We’re all different. Do you know how boring it would be if we were all the same? There’s so much to learn from others. Instead of judging try to understand or learn something new.

You may be given a cactus but you don’t have to sit on it.


A comment from Joyce Meyer ministries made my whole day. (JournalingArt on Instagram)

If Frida had Facebook


Facebook addict.

Be Grateful for Everything, Especially the Small Things.


Because I know you wake up and pick up your phone first thing to see beautiful things 💕, so here is a sweet story. I drew this when my daughter was still little and it was so hard to let her go. She was about to return to her dads house and my heart broke as I let her go. I realized how very little control we have over our lives. I’ve grown so much in these times. I cherish each moment with her more knowing our time is short. For this I have found gratitude. While others take for granted moments of joy in their lives I am thankful for even the smallest things in my life.

History and Science


I love history and science. I included some of my notes and doodles in this art spread. Did you know alpacas hummm when they are nervous happy or have any feeling. Did you know the krubi plant has a flower that blooms over six feet tall? I love interesting and unusual facts about science and history.

Therapy in Art


Journaling and doodling coloring pages is my therapy. I started doodling to find relief from chronic pain after cancer treatments. I found great relief. It took my focus off the pain and on something more positive. I started turning my art into coloring pages for others who need therapy.

I always loved writing in journals. I kept a journal of documented miracles and revelations from my bible studies. The real fun was found when I bought my first moleskine. I fell in love with the quality of the journal and thickness of the pages. I love books. I love to flip through a book and the smell of the pages. A bookstore is absolutely one of my favorite places to be for that reason and especially one with a coffee shop and the aromas of coffee brewing. Beginning an art journal soon became my new addiction. I fell in love with keeping a journal and documenting memories. I started going to therapy this year to help cope with the anxiety and depression that come with chronic pain after cancer treatments. Yes I said it, and I’m not ashamed either. A lot of people have anxiety and or depression and denying it makes it worse. My therapist encourages my art therapy through positive journaling. Ive started keeping positive quotes and uplifting stories in my art journals. I’ve found this to be most therapeutic and hope to bless and inspire others with my journals. I’ve saved each one full of my art, special memories with my daughter and other children when they visited and trips and dates with my husband. One day long after I’m gone these will become my daughters treasures. An art journal is something I would love to inherit from my mom. My daughter and I share a love for art and have a special bond. I know one day she will be so happy to inherit these journals and flip through the pages and see the detailed art and memories. If you create in a journal, what do you do with it when your done? Do you have plans for your journals? Do you keep detailed personal memories?

51 Things to add to Your Art Journal


A list of art journaling supplies and ideas to add to your art journals. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little inspiration for adding art to your journals. I hope this inspires you to create with new ideas, if you haven’t already used all of these in your art journal. Please comment or add any of your journaling ideas below!

1. Vintage maps

2. Magazines

3. Discard library books

4. Washi tape

5. Origami paper

6. Post cards

7. Addressed stamped envelopes

8. Stickers

9. Paper flowers

10. Doodle art

11. Colored pencils

12. Water colors

13. Plane tickets

14. Clothing tags

15. Metal brads

16. Candy wrappers

17. Acrylic paint

18. Movie ticket stubs

19. Embellishments

20. Lip stick

21. Party invitation

22. Theme park tickets

23. Charcoal pencil

24. Wall poster

25. Spray paint

26. Glitter

27. Gift card

28. Card board

29. Travel brochures

30. Paper dolls

31. Cards

32. Wrapping paper

33. Oil pastels

34. Comic strip

35. Tim Holtz

36. Sheet music

37. Concert tickets

38. Gelatos

39. Tea

40. Paper clips

41. Vintage sewing patterns

42. Playing cards

43. Free printable art

44. Distressed ink

45. Ribbon

46. Fabric

47. Coffee

48. Chip board

49. String

50. Children’s art

51. Handwritten notes

Sea Turtle Art


Warmer days to come. Makes me think of tropical weather and the warm ocean. This is the perfect kind of coloring therapy during colder days and even better for warmer days. Dreaming of the ocean and someplace tropical.

Dream big Art Journaling


Dream big work with diligence and make dreams happen. A good life quote to meditate on for the next month. Add positive quotes and fun doodles with some collage art inside an art journal and have a photo memory book to look back on when you grow old. It will be fun one day to look through all my old art journals. What do you do with your old art journals?




The owl represents wisdom and the butterfly represents change and growth. Personal growth is important. Also important, taking authority over your thoughts, your words, and your life. Stay in His word and listen to positive words for a positive life. I always enjoy Joyce Meyer and her teaching.

Relax and Zen Gem

Relax and Zen Gem

Zentangle + Gems = Zengems


Doodling and destressing with Zengems. This one took longer than any of my other sketchbook spreads. It was by far the most relaxing and worth the time. I am excited to share the results of this finished work.