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Love is an action.


Love is an action, not just a feeling. Sometimes to love others it requires more than simply a feeling in your heart. Sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone and be more like Christ and less of ourselves. Love becomes an action when you do something for another person or forgive when the other person doesn’t deserve it.

It doesn’t matter if others are nice or not. We should extend ourselves to love even when others aren’t capable or willing. It spreads love when we love and it will come back to you. What you give others is measured back ten fold.


Fathers be careful how you treat your daughters.


Choose your words and actions carefully, fathers, for those words and actions will influence who your daughter chooses to marry. If you don’t want her to be unhappy for the rest of her life show her how to love and don’t put those she loves down. Even if that at one point in your life, that which was exactly as you wanted, has changed and is no longer what you want, it’s still part of who she is and hurts deeply when you put the ones she loves down. This will be the greatest thing you can provide for your daughters, fathers. Be careful for your words can cut deeply and leave scars long after your done. She will look for the same dysfunctional type of love because it’s all she’s known and it’s what she’s familiar with. Her future spouse will put her down and treat her this way because it’s what she thinks is acceptable in her life. Most aren’t aware of what they’ve done or unwilling to accept they have played a part in this legacy. Don’t hurt her. Allow her to love. A child can never be loved by too many people or too much. Don’t allow your feelings to ruin her life because you hold hurt in your heart.

Be Grateful for Everything, Especially the Small Things.


Because I know you wake up and pick up your phone first thing to see beautiful things 💕, so here is a sweet story. I drew this when my daughter was still little and it was so hard to let her go. She was about to return to her dads house and my heart broke as I let her go. I realized how very little control we have over our lives. I’ve grown so much in these times. I cherish each moment with her more knowing our time is short. For this I have found gratitude. While others take for granted moments of joy in their lives I am thankful for even the smallest things in my life.


Art journal spreads for Writers Artist Block

Art journal spreads for Writers Artist Block


Some of these spreads are from my first art journal several years ago and a few are from my most recent journal. I wanted to create a post to inspire some of you looking to create something in your art journals when you have lost all sense of creativity, called an art block. If your an artist or a writer you understand this. I recently had one that lasted a couple weeks. It was very stressful. I had to take a break from my journals because I couldn’t move forward. please let me know if you have found inspiration in my post. If you’ve recently had artist or writers block how did you overcome or find inspiration?


Art Journal Inspiration


I found some older art journaling photos and wanted to share some of the pictures from my old moleskine. This was by far my favorite moleskine. It has the most colorful pictures of all my art journals. Do you ever go through different phases and look back through your journaling and remember what you were doing when you were making that journal? I had increased pain but I loved doodling and filling the pages with words and stories.

My favorite story I love sharing is my love story. My husband and I have been married six years this year but we’ve known each other since we were in kindergarten. He’s my superhero and my heart. “I want to get lost in this place” was making reference to my art journal. I was so in love with doodling on the nice thick moleskine pages. It brought me comfort during days when chronic pain was more than others. With increased pain I found comfort in this journal. Do you have a favorite journal or favorite spread? Can you remember what made it special? Please share.


Some vintage memories.


Anyone else remember Swans ice cream, push pops, or this silly little type writer. It’s the simple things that bring back some of the greatest memories. Anyone have pictures or childhood memories with orange push pop ice cream dripping down your face? I don’t even know why but this silly typewriter was something I loved even before i went to kindergarten. The clipping of the old ford is from a 1960s boys life magazine. How fun is that! I love a super great vintage find to add to my art journals. Sorry collectors 😬. I can’t help myself! I love collage art and the older the magazines the better!


51 Things to add to Your Art Journal


A list of art journaling supplies and ideas to add to your art journals. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little inspiration for adding art to your journals. I hope this inspires you to create with new ideas, if you haven’t already used all of these in your art journal. Please comment or add any of your journaling ideas below!

1. Vintage maps

2. Magazines

3. Discard library books

4. Washi tape

5. Origami paper

6. Post cards

7. Addressed stamped envelopes

8. Stickers

9. Paper flowers

10. Doodle art

11. Colored pencils

12. Water colors

13. Plane tickets

14. Clothing tags

15. Metal brads

16. Candy wrappers

17. Acrylic paint

18. Movie ticket stubs

19. Embellishments

20. Lip stick

21. Party invitation

22. Theme park tickets

23. Charcoal pencil

24. Wall poster

25. Spray paint

26. Glitter

27. Gift card

28. Card board

29. Travel brochures

30. Paper dolls

31. Cards

32. Wrapping paper

33. Oil pastels

34. Comic strip

35. Tim Holtz

36. Sheet music

37. Concert tickets

38. Gelatos

39. Tea

40. Paper clips

41. Vintage sewing patterns

42. Playing cards

43. Free printable art

44. Distressed ink

45. Ribbon

46. Fabric

47. Coffee

48. Chip board

49. String

50. Children’s art

51. Handwritten notes


Look for the good in people.


There’s plenty of opportunities to look for good in people. It’s much better to see people as people, accept we are all flawed, and look for positive qualities. In turn you will begin to feel more positive and spread positive vibes. People are drawn to other positive people. Do not worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Phil. 4:6


New journal


There’s nothing better than a green tea frappe and a new #=moleskine art journal all in the same day. There’s a lot of love in my almost finished moleskine. Look at all the yummy thickness compared to my new journal. Lots of love and memories inside that journal. We had a snow storm today and I drove an hour for a dr appointment. I only saw one wreck on the way. The roads were terrible. I made good use of my day and stopped at Barnes and noble for my moleskine, hobby lobby and micheals for embellishments and washi tape. I made time for Starbucks so I could create in my new journal and then to the dr and home again. Even though I hate snow and cold weather the day has been m memorable with some very great things what do you do on your cold or more stressful days? Do you make art or do you find something you enjoy so you have good memories?


Writing is therapy


On days with pain I love to spend time in our local coffee shop and add collage art and write in my art journal. The best therapy happens with my beats, Mozart, and a tasty frappe. Sometimes my best thoughts and quotes come from these times of writing and creating. What’s your favorite thing to do that helps release stress or pain?