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Doodles and journaling


Sometimes you just have to be okay with it. Heap burning coals on their heads. Proverbs 15:21-22


Things are changing.


Things are changing, they always do. Enjoy the changes.

Brain dump


Brain dump

What exactly is a brain dump? Well, on the days I have artist block because there’s far too many things on my mind it helps to write it all down somewhere. Sometimes I write it down inside my art journal and then I can create on other pages. And we’ll, if I don’t like it there I can always cover my words with a collage later. That’s the beautiful thing about collage and art. The things you can do are without limit.

Being an artist is great. It’s the one area in life where I don’t have to follow the rules and I can jot down, write down, or doodle anything I want in my journals. What do you do when you have artist block?

How to be beautiful


How to be beautiful

  • Love deeply
  • Smile often
  • Forgive
  • Let go

Love yourself Are you capable of love? To have a beautiful heart you must love yourself first. Not in a selfish way but a secure self-love. One must have a beautiful heart capable of loving and forgiving others in order to be truly beautiful.

How does your heart look on the inside? Are you capable of loving another more than yourself? In order to do so you must love yourself first.

Church notes


Supernatural Blessings…

Writing from church in my moleskine. I actually write this last year but I’m just now posting it. I took notes from my most favorite all time pastor, Pastor Al and church at Living Word Outreach Ministries.

She remembered


She remembered she wore a crown. Collage art in my moleskine art plus.



Silence is the best way to reply to a fool. -imam Ali A fools lips walk into a fight and his mouth invites a beating. Proverbs 26:19



Focus on what matters. Let go of what doesn’t.

Life is better when you accept the apology you know you’ll never get. Then move forward.


Journal doodles and collage


Journaling doodles and collage.

The truth is: im strong until I’m not.

The things we do, but why?


Why do we do the things we do?

…just because. Collage art and writing in my art journal are the greatest forms of therapy and fun. What do you do on your snow days?

Asian Festival 2017


Asian fest 2017

We attended Asian fest last year with my daughter and loved learning about new foods and about other peoples. There were so many different foods to try. I could only try the foods that weren’t spicy since radiation has left my mouth sensitive but the foods I tried I loved. I personally loved the bean filled desserts. I love learning about other people. My marriage is mixed and I love all of our differences. I wish other people could also find the joys in others as well. How boring the world would be if we were all the same and we didn’t have new opinions or foods to try. What is your favorite food? Your favorite place? Or culture? I think I love tropical places the most!

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. FDR


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. FDR

While studying the history of the Great Depression and dealing with anxiety resulting from chronic pain I made these journal pages a couple years ago. This was one of my favorite and mostly because the older I get the more I love history. I think history is a very important part of our lives. It’s important we don’t allow the most tragic of histories events repeat themselves. The best way of preventing those events are through studying and wisdom of those events. What is your favorite thing to study or learn about? I also love learning about other cultures, races, and peoples. The world is such an interesting place and so are it’s people.

Warning: work in progress


Warning: work in progress

My best art and my best writing come from the moments my heart has been most broken. As I learn more about this and myself the more I let go and find freedom in my art. Where do you find freedom from day to day monotonous things? Do you find it in art, photography, making something, nature…?? What is your release?

Be yourself and don’t worry what others think.


That moment when your scars are exposed and its ok.

This is my story and I hope you find encouragement to be you. Be you and don’t worry what others think. My neck is cut across the front from one side to the the other with burn scars. This is from cancer, radiation, and the removal of my tongue from cancer. I got my hair cut and the scars were exposed more than when my hair was long. For the people who notice my scars or my speech who are rude, I understand the problem is not mine but it is their ignorance and I know I’m blessed to be alive. So Its okay. Without a tongue I sound like I’m deaf when I speak and Its okay!

Don’t judge and respect others.


I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn’t disrespect anyone else’s existence.

Respect others and learn from them. God made us each unique and it would be boring if we were all the same. We are called to love one another.

If you give a mouse a cookie


If you give a mouse a cookie. If you give a pig a pancake.

Anyone else remember reading these books to their children? These books remind me of narcissistic people. If you have one in your life then you know what I’m talking about.



Writing about personal things. Funny story. We have a cat named Cheeto and he tries to hide in tissue boxes and gets his head stuck. He moves really slow like a sloth and when we hold him he’s really stiff like a board. The best story however, is the story about my superhero. I dream about him most night. I have nightmares a lot because of trauma and ptsd from cancer and childhood traumas. He rescues me in these nightmares. The best part is the way he loves me in real life. He’s my best friend and I’m so thankful for him.

My favorite Things


some of my favorite things include my art journals, favorite pens for journaling, and vintage camera. My most favorite journal to use is the moleskine art plus journal. What’s your favorite art supplies?

When your gone…


When your gone…

Nothings the same.

Notice the gorilla juggling apples and a human and the person below just watching. The woman looking exhausted or depressed(not sure which) sitting. The elephant and the gorilla remind me of a circus and the chaotic things that happen when our children visit. After they are gone I’m not sure rather to be sad they are gone or relieved I survived the visit. I love all our children very much and I’m thankful for the time we have spent with them.

Don’t judge


Don’t judge. We’re all different. Do you know how boring it would be if we were all the same? There’s so much to learn from others. Instead of judging try to understand or learn something new.

Art journal Flip Through


Here is a flip through for your inspiration.

A collection of journal spreads


Sharing ideas and inspiration for other artists who enjoy doodling, writing, and creating in journals. These are some of my favorite. a couple of these are the same. I didn’t realize I included identical spreads when I made the photos I’m sharing them anyway because there’s a lot of fun ideas worth sharing with other artists.

The world needs more


More Of Him

Seven is a perfect number. The Bible uses the number seven numerous times through the Bible. It is Gods number and God is perfect.

7= Perfection

Women Make Art



She never looked nice. She looked like art and art wasn’t supposed to look nice it was supposed to make you feel something. (Unknown)

One Shipwreck Away From a Disaster


One Shipwreck Away From a Disaster

Why do you care so much?

Why do some people make such a big deal out of something so small? Or cause drama when there was nothing in the first place? Answer, we live in a world with a lot of hurting people, a lot of insecure people, and a lot of unloved people. And, hurting people hurt people.

Our love and trust formed early in childhood by our parents. We learn to love from our parents example of love. If our parents have learned an unhealthy example of love by not bonding with a parent in their childhood or possibly a mental health disorder we have higher odds of that same cycle being passed down to us. Fortunately, we have the ability to become our own individual selves aside from our childhood examples or traumas. Knowledge is everything.

Books help us identify our ability to become all we can be and to become more. You can elude drama by loving yourself enough to walk away. Be strong and understand you don’t have to allow another person to hurt you because they have been hurt. Most times, sadly, the ones who hurt us the most are those were related to because we are closest to them.

I won’t go into detail about my diagnosis but I will say I’ve been through trauma and a near death experience with cancer. I live with chronic pain from the cancer and surgeries to remove the cancer. I’ve found journaling to be therapeutic. On days I feel the worst it helps just to write it out. Sometimes it’s uplifting to add bright colors. I’ve also found talking with a therapist I trust to be beneficial and reading to help also.

A couple of books my therapist suggested that I’ve found helpful are;

Children of the Self Absorbed by NinaW. Brown

Will I Ever be Good Enough by Karyl McBride

And a couple of books I’ve found are;

Stop Walking on Eggshells by Paul T. Mason

Conflict Free Living by Joyce Meyer

And of course my favorite, the Bible, which has every kind of genre ever written.

Have you found useful tools helping you cope with cptsd, trauma, or other issues in your life? If you have, please share in the comments. You can help someone today.